The exhibition captures two powerful colors which are perceived as possessing monetary value and value to humanity. BLVCKXGOLD presents two complimentary and conflicting elements within the same space, causing separation, disruption and chaos; but seeking balance, connectivity and power.

The juxtaposition of black and gold creates an interactive field in which both the inherent value of humanity and the distractions of material wealth play out over grayscale depictions of experiences common to modern African-American and Hip-Hop cultural experiences. As gold is taken from the black earth to feed the artificial needs of our capitalist economy, humanity’s ability to understand and appreciate our inner value diminishes. The gold of the human spirit is left untouched while the gold of the Earth is worshiped. In this state, we will remain stagnant and will never unlock or reach our potential to a higher level of consciousness. The greater value is presented within oneself, thus becoming the greater commodity.

BLVCKXGOLD explores that dichotomy, ultimately declaring the true value of the gold of the soul to be far above the value of the gold of the earth.